Elevates Indonesia’s Pride, 5 Students of UI Achieved 1st Best Participants on TEIMUN 2017

Infokampus.news – Five Universitas Indonesia (UI) students gained achievement on The European International Model United Nations TEIMUN 2017 that was held in Den Haag, Netherlands. 5 Delegation named Juan Octavian Daniel Sidauruk (Chemical Engineering 2013), Dominique Virgil (Law 2015), Nadifa Ramadhanty (International Relations 2015), Joviana Henza (Law 2016), and Fatih Angling Darmo (Management 2016) was enhanced their best performance for the prestigious competition.

They competed at four different UN Council, that were Security Council, Human Rights Council, General Assembly, and Historical Crisis Council.

“In the event, we elevate the nation’s pride by gaining 5 Best Delegates predicates (1st place) on each participated committee. This proud achievement also brought UI to be the general champion of this annual event.” One member of the group said.

5 Students of UI Achieved 1st Best Participants on TEIMUN 2017, Beat The Other 300 Participants from Almost All of Countries in the World 

One of delegation member, Juan Octavian Daniel said that this winning was reached by a very well 9 months preparation. The preparation included selection, training and pre-competition session process that they have been through was particularly intensive.

“This winning was getting more remarkable since the other fellow participants were the students of bachelor and master degree who has knowledge on recent international issues and qualified public speaking skills.”

TEIMUN is a United Nations trial simulation competition that has been held for 30 years in Europe. TEIMUN is the oldest, most prestigious and one of the most famous MUN competition on World level that is participated by 300 students from about 70 countries.

Not only consisted of contest and competition, TEIMUN also hold various social activity such as Global Village and Social Events. Participants were encouraged for being able to participate in a cultural excursion that visited several historical and tourist attraction object like Mauritshuis Museum, Madurodam, dan Peace Palace.

Moreover, participants also joined the excursion to several PBB board and international legal institutions that located in Den Hag, like International Criminal Court (ICC), International Court of Justice (ICJ), and International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). (Pus)

Source: University of Indonesia

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